Floor heating system thermostat (WIFI can use )

Floor heating system thermostat (WIFI can use )

Product features:

    A cost-effective temperature controller



Product introduction

TTWARM WiFi remote control temperature controller is mainly used for electric heating The temperature control of hot water heating is a large screen LCD thermostat (dark), can through the phone APP or keyboard set room temperature, the temperature controller according to the set temperature automatically open and close the heating load, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the room temperature

Installation method: dark installation

Technical parameters

Temperature setting range:2~85℃

Temperature measurement range:0~90℃

Temperature control precision:±1℃

Temperature tolerance:-2℃

Overheat protection temperature:50℃

Output mode: relay

Local power: active power <3W

Rated current::20A

Supply voltage:AC20V±20%50HZ

Rated power:4KW

Screen size:65*56mm

Mounting hole spacing:60mm


1. Large LCD display

2. Selection of three working modes

3, preset fixed program

4. Limit the range of temperature setting

5. Programming during period 1-12

6. low temperature anti-freezing function

7. The keyboard can be locked

8. Electric quantity display and alarm

9. set the parameter power off save.

Matters needing attention:

1. Due to the addition of compensation function, the temperature controller reaches the best temperature measurement state after 4 hours of power on.

2. this product electronic integration is high, please do not use in too humid environment.

3. because this product uses upper and lower heat dissipation hole, so please take certain protective measures on the upper heat dissipation hole when decorating the wall, in order to prevent the electronic device short circuit after water, resulting in machine damage.

4. please do not use in an environment higher than 50℃, otherwise, the service life of the machine will have a great impact.

Safety parameters

  • Do not use ac 220V,50HZ power supply.
  • Do not touch the thermostat button with wet hands, otherwise it may cause electric shock.
  • Do not remove or install the thermostat by yourself in any way, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.
  • Do not use an open flame (e.g. a lit candle) to simulate the temperature rise of the sensor probe, otherwise the sensor will be damaged.
  • Do not use industrial chemical reagents, pay attention to prevent foreign matter and water into the machine.
  • Do not place the thermostat in:     

            It is humid, dusty, or the temperature is higher than 50 ° C

            Storage or use of flammable and explosive materials environment.  

            Bathroom, kitchen, etc.

  • Do not place sensor and connection in direct contact with cement mortar.

TTWARM WiFi remote control temperature controller is a cost-effective temperature controller.