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category Graphene far infrared floor heating Gas wall - mounted furnace heating The electrothermal Heat pump technology
Heating mode 360-degree body heating. Not easy to trap heat Forced hot air circulation heat distribution is uneven, hot up and cool down Linear heat, hot wire at a higher temperature, resulting in leather or cover discoloration The surface of the pipe is heated and the air is dry
comfort High comfort, surface heating, do not change the air humidity, gradient temperature difference, foot temperature cool Bad, hot, noisy, dizzy Comfortable linear heating, gradient temperature difference in general Generally, there is a gradient temperature difference, slightly dry
Energy consumption: 1 day /10 hours /30 degrees Low energy consumption, about 60% of ordinary electric heating, 50% of air conditioning heating, indoor non-24-hour use, energy saving than plumbing, about 80-120w/m2 High energy consumption,160W/ m2 High energy consumption, about 90% of the ordinary electric heating furnace, 75% of the space heating, indoor non-24-hour use of 80-120w/m2 Medium to high, about 95% of ordinary electric heating, about 80% of air conditioning heating
Heating up time Warm in 10 to 12 minutes It will be warm in 30 minutes Warm in 30 to 45 minutes Long, about an hour
Air quality Release anion, air is fresh, can open a window appropriately Closed, the air is easily turbid The air is fresh and the window can be properly opened The air is dry and the window can be properly opened
Three security Water proof, moisture proof and leakage proof Easy operation and no water leakage Leakage risk is high The operation is complicated and easy to leak

The room temperature can be adjusted freely

No heating time limit, you can keep warm at any time, so as to avoid the flu fever caused by cold in autumn and spring, so that your body is healthier and you can set the room temperature separately according to the different heating needs of family members.



Product policy environment analysis

According to statistics, the efficiency of source utilization in China is about 33%, 10 percentage points lower than that in developed countries. Energy consumption per unit of output is more than twice the world average. Building heating accounts for 50% of the total energy consumption. Energy shortage and low energy efficiency are the current situation of China's energy benefit. The "environmental protection and energy saving" has been pushed to the forefront by the state council's "one-vote veto" assessment program that links energy conservation and emission reduction to the performance of leaders. Experts predict that by the end of 2020, the national housing construction area of the new 200-25 billion square meters, in accordance with the standards of building energy saving 65%, 5% utilization market calculation, using electrothermal film every year for the country save heating costs one hundred billion yuan of above, at the same time avoid the non-renewable resources of coal waste one by one and the environmental problems.

With the mandatory implementation of national energy-saving buildings, the energy consumption index keeps falling. In tianjin, Beijing and shenyang, it is 14W/mm,18W/mm and 21.8w /mm respectively. Since 2006, shenyang has implemented an energy saving standard of 65%. Energy consumption was only 15.26w /mm, and the external heat transfer coefficient of the building increased from 8.8 hours to 11.44 hours to reduce the temperature by 1 degree. If the occupancy factor of 3.8W/mm is subtracted, the heat energy to be supplemented by heating is 10.2W/mm in tianjin, 14.2W/mm in Beijing and 11.46W/mm in shenyang. This thermal satisfaction is very easy for electrothermal film heating. Simply say to maintain structural heat preservation is good, energy is lost less, use electricity is inevitable less. The current central heating charges will not reduce the cost of heating because the insulation is good.

Heating in the north is in urgent need of upgrading

The pollution caused by centralized coal heating in winter in the north is also one of the causes of haze. Coal heating is gradually withdrawn from the market. With the strong promotion of national support policies such as clean heating, "coal to electricity" and people's demand for intelligent energy-saving heating, the market prospect will be increasingly clear. Southern cities are not central heating areas. The area of urban residential buildings in need of heating is 1 billion square meters, with an output value of about 200 billion yuan.

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Anti-pollution, haze and blue sky

The form of air pollution is severe, and the haze seriously affects the normal and orderly life of residents. A large amount of loose burning coal for heating is one of the main factors causing serious haze. Electric energy is clean, safe, convenient and other advantages. The implementation of electric energy substitution is of great significance to promote the revolution of energy consumption, implement the national energy strategy, and promote the clean development of energy. It is an important measure to reduce air pollution. The government has stepped up efforts to replace electricity and promote the rational and efficient use of clean energy. Electric heating, as an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and comfortable heating method, has been highly valued by the government for its low carbon, environmental protection and cleanness. Electric heating will replace traditional central heating and become a new heating method.

New opportunities for graphene industry development + technology application

President xi jinping went to jiangsu to investigate the graphene industry. The opinions on accelerating the innovative development of the graphene industry made it clear that graphene is a key industrial raw material cultivated by the state, and the industry scale of graphene in the next ten years will reach one trillion yuan. Graphene, which is just one carbon atom thick, is known as the king of new materials because of its thinnest, lightest, strongest and hardest properties. At the same time, its flexibility, transparency, stability and tensile properties are excellent. Therefore, it is listed as a strategic emerging industry leading the future competition. In many fields such as national defense, electronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace, biological medicine has a very broad application prospects.

Fastest graphene is conductive, the resistance rate to a minimum, fever is the most uniform of new strategy of science and technology materials, with far infrared human body is the most close to the far infrared light waves, the scientists refer to as the "light of life". As a result, the graphene in the field of health of energy conservation and environmental protection will play a great application value. The security and stability of the graphene electrothermal film, even heating, heating speed, low energy consumption, environmental protection free from contamination, very long service life. Graphene flexible curing the electrothermal far infrared light waves to promote human body microcirculation, and make the air to produce a large number of negative ions, beneficial to human health.