Construction Method And Relate


Electric film heating area is prohibited to cover items, it is recommended to choose the furniture with legs to ensure the full release of heat.

Please do not move the thermostat to avoid damage. Please do not use furniture to cover the thermostat, do not put in direct sunlight or cold air flow place, do not have heat source body around, so as not to cause temperature control error. Do not change thermostat position.

Drilling, nailing and other ACTS that may damage the electrothermal film are prohibited in the area where the electrothermal film is laid.

The ground material of TTWARM electric film suitable platform is compound wood floor, non-glue floor, lock type floor and all kinds of stone floor, cement floor and so on reach the national standard geothermal floor.

Please do not change the original wall structure, doors and Windows, decoration of the ground, such as the need to change, be sure to inform the property in advance, so as to design the corresponding changes in the heating. The company will not be responsible for the failure to inform the property management or to modify the house decoration practices after the installation of the heating system and affect the heating effect.