Construction Method And Relate


Electric film heating area is prohibited to cover items, it is recommended to choose the furniture with legs to ensure the full release of heat.

Please do not move the thermostat to avoid damage. Please do not use furniture to cover the thermostat, do not put in direct sunlight or cold air flow place, do not have heat source body around, so as not to cause temperature control error. Do not change thermostat position.

Drilling, nailing and other ACTS that may damage the electrothermal film are prohibited in the area where the electrothermal film is laid.

The ground material of TTWARM electric film suitable platform is compound wood floor, non-glue floor, lock type floor and all kinds of stone floor, cement floor and so on reach the national standard geothermal floor.

Please do not change the original wall structure, doors and Windows, decoration of the ground, such as the need to change, be sure to inform the property in advance, so as to design the corresponding changes in the heating. The company will not be responsible for the failure to inform the property management or to modify the house decoration practices after the installation of the heating system and affect the heating effect.


Heating in the north is in urgent need of upgrading

The pollution caused by centralized coal heating in winter in the north is also one of the causes of haze. Coal heating is gradually withdrawn from the market. With the strong promotion of national support policies such as clean heating, "coal to electricity" and people's demand for intelligent energy-saving heating, the market prospect will be increasingly clear. Southern cities are not central heating areas. The area of urban residential buildings in need of heating is 1 billion square meters, with an output value of about 200 billion yuan.

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Anti-pollution, haze and blue sky

The form of air pollution is severe, and the haze seriously affects the normal and orderly life of residents. A large amount of loose burning coal for heating is one of the main factors causing serious haze. Electric energy is clean, safe, convenient and other advantages. The implementation of electric energy substitution is of great significance to promote the revolution of energy consumption, implement the national energy strategy, and promote the clean development of energy. It is an important measure to reduce air pollution. The government has stepped up efforts to replace electricity and promote the rational and efficient use of clean energy. Electric heating, as an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and comfortable heating method, has been highly valued by the government for its low carbon, environmental protection and cleanness. Electric heating will replace traditional central heating and become a new heating method.

New opportunities for graphene industry development + technology application

President xi jinping went to jiangsu to investigate the graphene industry. The opinions on accelerating the innovative development of the graphene industry made it clear that graphene is a key industrial raw material cultivated by the state, and the industry scale of graphene in the next ten years will reach one trillion yuan. Graphene, which is just one carbon atom thick, is known as the king of new materials because of its thinnest, lightest, strongest and hardest properties. At the same time, its flexibility, transparency, stability and tensile properties are excellent. Therefore, it is listed as a strategic emerging industry leading the future competition. In many fields such as national defense, electronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection, aerospace, biological medicine has a very broad application prospects.

Fastest graphene is conductive, the resistance rate to a minimum, fever is the most uniform of new strategy of science and technology materials, with far infrared human body is the most close to the far infrared light waves, the scientists refer to as the "light of life". As a result, the graphene in the field of health of energy conservation and environmental protection will play a great application value. The security and stability of the graphene electrothermal film, even heating, heating speed, low energy consumption, environmental protection free from contamination, very long service life. Graphene flexible curing the electrothermal far infrared light waves to promote human body microcirculation, and make the air to produce a large number of negative ions, beneficial to human health.