Graphene far infrared heating body for car seats

Graphene far infrared heating body for car seats

Product features:

    1.Built-in heating

    2. Perfect fit

    3.Form a complete set of vehicles


Healthy heating

Graphene heat helps keep out the cold


Far infrared

Far infrared promotes microcirculation


Moisture and ventilation

Strong ventilation and exhaust gas removal


Soft and comfortable

Natural and warm

Product structure 

Product name: Graphene far infrared heating body for car seats.

Size: medium, large;

Electric pressure: 5 v.

Power: 10 w or less.

Material: high grade leather, graphene low pressure flexible electrothermal film.

Surface temperature: ≤65℃.

Scope of application: elderly, women, etc.

This product is a matching product for car seat manufacturers, customized according to customer requirements, please contact us for details.

Product advantage

The electric heating film method is to add the electric heating film under the car seat or on the back of the car. By means of heat radiation, the internal temperature of the whole car increases. The traditional heating film has the metal wire electric heating film and the carbon fiber electric heating film

 Product advantages


1. graphene far-infrared heating membrane electro-thermal conversion rate can reach 99%, and carbon fiber is far greater than wire the same power consumption of the electric conversion, graphene far infrared heating film of high calorific value, thus save electricity.

2 metal wire or carbon fiber heating film will have heating wire fracture, resulting in the phenomenon of ignition, they have potential safety hazards and graphene far infrared heating film is a flake heating film, regional damage does not affect the normal use of the overall heating film, there is no risk of leakage, high safety factor.

 3 The decay of graphene is less than that of carbon fiber, so the service life of graphene far infrared heating film is longer than that of carbon fiber heating film, the service life is more than 10 years.

 Working temperature in 40-45, automatic power off protection over overheating, through far infrared radiation heat, warm effect.