Graphene soft heating film (under floor heating system)

Graphene soft heating film (under floor heating system)

Product features:

    1.10S heat up.
    2. Soft as cloth.
    3.power:10-1500W/㎡ Voltage:3.7V-380V
    4.Level of flame retardant:V2 waterproof:IPX7

Product parameters

Product name: graphene flexible electrothermal film

Specification: 5000cm (length) *50cm (width) | 5000cm (length) *72cm (width) | 5000cm (length) *85cm (width)

Electric pressure: 220 w

Power rate: 220-280 w/㎡

Service life: more than 200,000 hours

Surface temperature: ≤60℃

Scope of application: electric floor heating (tile, marble, floor, carpet…) , sweat room, electric heating kang, heater, health therapy products, business leisure products.


Graphene flexible electrothermal film is the only one of all electrothermal film without dopingA flexible film of pure carbon atoms of a substance grown by chemical vapor depositionSingle-layer carbon atoms, characterized by transparency and safety, have the electric-thermal conversion efficiency of all electricityThe highest or parallel highest of the heating elements, with almost no charge during the energy conversion processOther forms of energy loss, such as mechanical energy, light energy, chemical energy, etc., electric-heatConversion efficiency is close to 100%. Among them, the ratio of electric-thermal radiation conversion efficiency is also phaseThe electric heating components of the same unit area power are larger.

Product structure

01 heating fibre

The graphene fiber has strong stability, fast heating speed and high thermal efficiency. High voltage resistance (3750V high voltage test), enable With a long life


02 multi-guide fiber

Porous structure heat conduction fiber, 360° three-dimensional super heat conduction, good heat dissipation effect, small temperature difference.


03 Silver electrode

Flexible silver-plated copper wire, sealed on the surface of the composite case, the perfect elimination of weak electric arc, the use of the process of true Are safety


04 surface material

Independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights advanced synthesis process, all materials of the integration, no bubbles, not layer Withstand repeated ankle folding, wide range of application.


05 synthesis process

Independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights advanced synthesis process, all materials fusion, no bubble, no layer Withstand repeated fold, wide range of application.

Heating principle

Soft Heating-Film produced by GUANRUI Technology is a superior and advanced heating material for floors, ceilings,walls and many other place.

 The first step, our company is using the carbon paste and graphene combined with the thermally conductive fibre evenly to becomes a 360- degree surround heating fibre, which is called the graphene filament composite fibre.

Meanwhile, we weave the graphene filament composite fibre with the multi-directional conductive fibre and silver -plated copper wire with specific weaving techniques, that is the one we called flexible heating base material.

Furthermore( in the third step), we incorporate the materials of a flexible heating base and the variety of flame retardant insulation polymer into one under the 260℃ to 300 ℃ high temperature.

Carbon emits heat, far-infrared ray and anion by using an electric resistance. Soft Heating-Film, based on far-infrared radiant heat, gives a longer heating effect than other heating systems. Far-infrared ray and anion are known to effectively suppress odors and growth of germs and boost the metabolism of the human body, not to mention providing a healthier environment.

Method of use

Underfloor Heating System

Usually there are two different  ways:

Application Under floating Floors

(1) Concrete Floor

(2)  Depron Insulation Pad

(3)  Soft Heating Film

(4)  Heating Film Protection Materials

(5)  Finishing Materials : Laminate Floor , Tiles.

(6)  Thermostat


Application Under Tile Flooring

(1) Concrete Floor

(2)  Depron Insulation Pad

(3)  PE Film

(4)  Soft Heating Film

(5)  PE Film

(6)  Anhydrite Screed

(7)  Tile Flooring

(8)  Thermostat




Heating film is 30% cheaper than other electric heating and 50% cheaper than an oil boiler.

High efficiency heat radiation heating type minimizes fuel costs.
Thanks for the infrared rays that used for heating, there is no temperature discrepancy in the upper/lower area.
TTWARM requires less power consumption to create an excellent heating effect than general convectional methods. It also supports partial heating, which is very cost efficient.
Film heater ensures significant economical energy savings, compared to Ondol electrical panel.

No repair or maintenance costs. (Semi permanent heating system)


Using TTWARM heating system as the main source of heat, you will not only save on energy resources, but will also increase by 10% a living space due to absence of pipes, radiators, minimum thickness of material.


TTWARM perforated film has a unique patented surface and woolly coating of NapTouch that allows to save up to 32% on construction mixes and characterizes material as resistant to alkaline influence of tiles adhesive or plaster. High adhesion (bond of surfaces) enables the system mounting under any decorative coating.


Are you allergic to dust? Using TTWARM you will not have intensive air flows which raise dust. It keeps the air clean and moderately dry.


TTWARM doesn’t need a flame for ignition, therefore, there is no danger of CO2 or conduction accidents. So it is safe of use for children or elders. Adequate temperature heating, no need to inject convenient fuel, no worries about freezing in winter with triple safety devices.


Unlike radiator heating, TTWARM evenly warms up the premises, keeps optimum thermal balance of a human body.


TTWARM system does not burn oxygen, provides comfortable warmth, keeps natural humidity of the air, minimizes static electricity.


Set comfortable and regular temperature – with TTWARM thermostat you will be able to do it in no time.

And also you can use the APP control it by your phone.


Well being heating system with the radiation heats from the infrared rays.

High efficiency and speedy heating is achieved. The carbon heating object on the film surface generate very warm infrared radiation heats and a large amount of anions to create an excellent heating effect.(The infrared radiated heat does not have a temperature difference in the upper/lower area. Compared to a flow type, it can give you a more refreshing heating effect at relatively low room temperature.)

No new house symptom or EMI that are harmful to humans.


All you need to do is to place heating film on the floor!

Consumer simply needs to insert it between the floor finishing material and the insulation material. Doesn’t it very easy? Installer doesn’t need to remove the existing floor, instead, place the film on top of it. Enjoy the best effect at a minimum effort and cost.

 Competing goods contrast


(1).There is air layer between the copper bar and sliver paste, lead to a potentially dangerous of providing spark.

The production of TTWARM is completely sealed and or vacuo by the silver -coated copper wire, synthon and high polymer(molecular) material.

(2).The temperature resistance is from 90 -130 degrees.

The range of TTWARM can reach to 210 degrees or above.

(3). The experiment life is short.

TTWARM has an experimental life of more than 100,000 hrs(hours).

(4). The heating method different.  It is easy to generated trap heat phenomenon  when it using plate heating.

The 360-degree stereo heating, which is hard to the formation of trap heat

(5). PET film is using an EVA copolymer adhesive that double layer glued together,         which it can be torn by external force . 

The TTWARM ‘s electrothermal film is a synthesis with high temperature, so it cannot be torn.

(6). The carbon paste is printed on the PET membrane directly, which it can damage   it easily.

TTWARM is made of multilayer structure, that will not cause a direct damage to the insulation material

(7). PET is sort of hard material, which unable to fold.  

The TTWARM belongs to the flexible material which is not afraid of folding.

(8). The automatic circuit breaker mechanism of 180-degree synthetic fibre to avoid         fire risk

(9). The fire rating of the surface material of product belongs to the Level V2, which greatly guarantees the user’s safety.

Scope Of  The Soft Heating Film

Medical Centers

Infrared rays are used quite successfully to treat traumatic injuries, lymphatic system, joints, pleurisies, abdominal organs, neuritis, mialgiya, liver and gall bladder.

Infrared rays are also used to treat eczemas, furuncles, smallpox, erysipelatous inflammations, psoriasis.

Professional Solution For Heating Your Country House

TTWARM – is a unique system of house heating which enables to implement projects on additional or main heating without complex installation and large capital investments. The only system giving even warming up of high spaces (the second light) is TTWARM heating system.


TTWARM system is convenient in application, especially in those places where it is impossible to install other types of heating systems.

Have you decided to make an office, or a winter garden, or to add balcony or loggia area to the living area? It is easy and quickly if you have TTWARM heating system! It possesses high resistance to the alkaline environment of tiles adhesive or plaster.

Garden Pavilions And Paths

Installing TTWARM heating material on the floor, ceiling or on each side of the garden pavilion, you will immediately get under the influence of infrared energy and you will feel heat. Thermal radiation is not affected by drafts.

Installation of TTWARM system is your assistant in fighting snowdrifts on paths of a cottage or a country house.


TTWARM heating system installed as the main or additional heating will not only help you to create comfortable temperature in the apartment in any weather, but will also benefit your body. You will not need installation of additional humidifiers in winter time to fight drying up of your parquet.

Restaurants And Hotels

Having installed TTWARM infrared system on the open areas, in garden pavilions, on verandahs and in closed space of a hotel, boarding house or restaurant.

TTWARM will evenly distribute heat and will not overdry air that will allow your guests to feel comfortable.

Fitness Clubs

TTWARM heating system enables to start training without preliminary warming up of muscles.



In-frared is good for health

• Improvement of metabolic processes;
• Healing of wounds, bruises, sprains, hematomas;
• Eliminations of convulsions;
• Removal of waste, toxins and lactic acid from muscles without application of medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How much does it cost to run?

This is one of the most common questions about underfloor heating we get & the simple answer is that the running costs are determined by many different factors, however in the majority of cases the running costs should not be a negative factor.  A typical new building would perhaps cost around £3-£4 per m² per year to run, so 100 m²  free floor area home would cost around £300-£400 per year to heat.
In a conservatory with an insulated floor, electric underfloor heating will be more efficient than radiators due to the fact that you are using the whole floor as a low temperature radiant room heater. In an average sized conservatory used at weekends & winter evenings, the cost may be up to £8 per sqm/annum to run – so around £80 – £100 per year.

Electric floor heating stands out as an excellent choice, especially in areas where there is no mains gas supply & the options are electric, oil, or calor gas.
Electric underfloor heating is also more efficient than radiators & other convected heat & requires no maintenance or servicing & 100% of the electrical energy is turned into heat energy. It is inevitable that more electricity will have to be produced from greener energy sources such as wind power & so in the future, electric underfloor heating should be one of the ‘greenest’ ways to heat your home.

How warm will the floor get?

Electric underfloor heating is designed to run with a floor surface temperature at a comfortable 25 – 28 deg C. In areas of high heat loss (such as conservatories) you may need to run it a few degrees higher than this to compensate.

Can the temperature be regulated?

Yes – The digital clock thermostat allows the user full control both the temperature & times the heating system is operating, and also you can control the app throgh the WIFI by your phone.

Are there any special wiring requirements?

For most small rooms the system can often be connected to an existing household wiring circuit via a fused spur, for larger areas a single dedicated circuit from your distribution board will be needed. All electrical work must be made by a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you on what you need.

What is the warm up time?

How long it takes to heat the floor will vary, depending on your sub-floor & its insulation. The better the insulation the quicker it will heat up, 30 minutes to an hour on a wooden floor, but it may take several hours on an un-insulated concrete floor. However, on concrete floors it will also retain the heat in the concrete & therefore take much longer to cool down. Warm-up times can be drastically reduced. To as little as 15-20 minutes using an insulated tile-backer board such as Handyheat Tilebacker board.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes all cables are backed by a manufacturers LIFETIME guarantee – the thermostat is guaranteed for two years from date of purchase. The carbon film is guaranteed for FIVE-YEARS

Why would you use a cable kit instead of a cable mat?

The soft heating film is evenly distributed in the floor (without gaps), which means that it better transfers heat onto the floor surface. Thermal control is also more precise. The heating cable can be installed only in the concrete layer. The heating film is installed directly under the flooring with all types of floor coverings (except for tiles). In addition, the installation of the film is much easier on principle and also faster in terms of your house construction.

How does the radiant (infra-red) heating system work?

On the same principle as the Sun. We all know that heat flows up. But radiant infra-red heat generated by the carbon films, unlike the conventional one (a common radiator that heats up air) falls down and heats up objects in the room. First of all, it heats up people, then floor or furniture. Air is heated up from the hot objects. This type of heating is more comfortable for people in the entire building. And also more cost-saving.

 Why choose the heating film for the floor and not a heat pump?

 A heat pump makes sense only in the case of specific installations such a very large house, a heating system for a pool, etc. The heat pump option can be economically viable in the case of a subsidy as well. In the remaining cases you have to consider the follow-up servicing costs and problems related to the heat pump. On the other hand, the carbon film will serve you faithfully for its entire service life and will not get in your way or take your time in any manner.

 Are the heating films suitable for installetion under a linoleum, parquet floor, wooden or plastic floating floor, tiles, vinyl or carpets?

 Yes. It is possible to install the heating film under all these floor coverings with excellent results.

 Can it damage my floor?

 The films in the floor do not attain any extreme temperatures. The temperature can be controlled and adjusted for the respective floor covering.