Graphite wall far infrared wall heating painting

Graphite wall far infrared wall heating painting

Product features:

    1. Private customization of pictures.
    2. Oil painting, landscape painting can be produced.
    3. Beautiful heating products.

 Far Red Wallpainting

Far infrared heating


Efficient thermal energy field


Multifunctional use


Negative oxygen bar


Convenient and easy to use




Product Parameters

Graphene far infrared wall warm drawing


Rules:60×100×2.7cm (vertical); 100×60×2.7 CMCM (horizontal); 120×100×2.7cm (horizontal).


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power rate: ≥500W/㎡


Service life: more than 200,000 hours


Surface temperature: ≤100℃


Scope of application: family, unit, company, etc



Eight big advantage

1: green, safe and environmental protection, leading technology.


2: healthy and comfortable, enjoy zero pollution heating.


3: the heating speed is amazing, the speed can be heated up in a minute.


4. Combination as required, with flexible space


5: decorate the room, improve the living indoor cultural taste


6: long life, good heat dissipation.


7: safe and reliable, maintenance-free.


8: plane heating, all-round heat dissipation



Using range

Electrothermal drawing of graphene flexible electrothermal film


Can be applicable to: decoration of auxiliary heating salon baby room small study hotel small private room nursing home hotel guest room holiday gifts.


Graphene flexible electrothermal film electrothermal drawing can be used for indoor heating in small Spaces or for personal supplementary heating. Especially suits the toilet, the bedroom, the study and so on small area heating demand. When working as a small space (less than 10 square meters) for heating, the indoor temperature can reach 20℃ for a long time.



Application places

Residence, villa, office, duty room, meeting room, classroom, computer room, shopping mall, activity room, reading room, shop, hotel, guesthouse, Internet cafe, song and dance hall, beauty salon, chess and card room, substation, etc.



Matters needing attention

1. The warm surface of the carbon crystal wall is strictly prohibited to cover any cotton articles or sundries.


2: do not use it as drying equipment for wet clothes, so as to avoid long-term damage to clothes due to high temperature.


3: do not use sharp tools to destroy the carbon crystal wall heating screen, so as not to damage the electrodes around the carbon crystal electric heating plate, resulting in the carbon crystal wall heating not heating. The surface damage of the carbon crystal wall heating plate will not produce electricity leakage or affect the heating.


4: preschool children and elderly people over 80 years old should be accompanied by adults.


5. Do not pull the power cord.


6: do not use or leave for a long time, please turn off the power or power. Voltage fluctuation within 220V±30% will not affect the use of this product.