Graphene health sweat room(Available upon request)

Graphene health sweat room(Available upon request)

Product features:

    1. Maximum adjustable to 60°
    2. You can’t hold your breath when you sweat
    3. Health essentials

Health Steam Room

Seamless far infrared


Circumferential thermal field


A cavity therapy


Ion oxygen cure


Potent phototherapy




Product parameters

Product name: graphene health sweat steaming room


Rules:90×90×190cm (single person); 100×120×190cm (double); 120×180×190cm (four persons), etc


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power: 1500 w or higher


Service life: more than 200,000 hours


Surface temperature: ≤65℃


Scope of application: family, unit, bath…


TTWARM khan steam room besides have conventional sweat stream function, but also has three basic characteristics, environmental protection and functional, decorative and benefits of the main function of graphene is zero – formaldehyde of environmental protection, at the same time of heating, and have the function of the air purifiers and natural humidifier.


Using graphene flexible electrothermal sweat evaporate room nine has the following benefits:

 1.Eliminate formaldehyde

The unique “molecular sieve” structure of graphene flexible electrothermal film enables the newly decorated floor, sofa, furniture and other harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and tvoc to be absorbed, decomposed and eliminated by the thousands of holes opened by the energy mud, which well solves the indoor pollution problem that currently seriously troubles people’s homes. The release time of formaldehyde is 3~15 years, and the life of energy mud can reach more than 20 years.


2. Deodorization

Graphene flexible electrothermal film “nano-photocatalyst loading technology” can not only decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene, but also remove various peculiar smells caused by environmental pollution in the steam room, so as to keep the indoor air fresh at all times.


3.Improve your sleep

Graphene flexible electrothermal film can release a large number of negative oxygen ions per square centimeter per second, known as the “air vitamin”, which can improve the quality of sleep. As we know, the air in the forest and near the sea is very fresh, which means the content of negative oxygen ions is high. Negative oxygen ions have a good effect on the improvement of hypertension, tracheitis, arthritis, fertility and so on.


4.Automatic humidity control

The moisture regulating function of graphene flexible electrothermal film is 4~6 times higher than that of prepared carbon and bamboo carbon. When the room is wet, the pores in the graphene flexible electrothermal film can suck in water molecules from the air and store them. When the air is dry, it releases water molecules for moisture regulation, so people call the energy mud “the wall that breathes.”


5. Clean up after yourself

In the process of respiration, graphene flexible electrothermal film can use its own porosity to suck in oil molecules for fission and decomposition, and release harmless substances to human body. Plus its itself is a natural mineral, its own does not contain heavy metals, do not produce static electricity, so do not absorb dust.


6. Heat preservation and energy saving

The micro-porous structure of graphene flexible electrothermal film leads to a very low thermal conductivity. The thermal insulation performance of graphene flexible electrothermal film is more than 6 times higher than that of ordinary bamboo curtain steam room, which greatly saves electric energy and heating costs.


7.Fire retardant

Graphene flexible electrothermal film is a european v2 level flame retardant certification product, no safety risks


8. Noise reduction and sound insulation

The numerous micro holes in the graphene flexible electrothermal film can absorb and reduce noise. Its effect is more than twice that of cement mortar and slate of the same thickness. It can shorten the remaining sound by 50%, greatly reduce the noise transmission, and help you create a quiet steam room environment.


9.long life

The service life of graphene flexible electrothermal film is more than 50 years, no warping, no shedding, no fading, oxidation resistance, always like new, long maintain the decoration effect of the steam room!