Graphene far infrared heating hood

Graphene far infrared heating hood

Product features:

    1. Bake around the waist
    2. Easy to move

Product Parameters

Product name: graphene far infrared heating cover


Specification: 68×55×43cm;


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power: 275 w


Material: imported Chinese fir and graphene flexible electrothermal film


Temperature in the barrel: ≤65℃


TTWARM  the functions of the graphene far-infrared heating cover are as follows:

1, Warm, loose and cold: qi and blood, body fluid is the basic material for the body to survive, and the whole body to run, the main channel for the operation of qi and blood, if the body feel cold evil, will cause the meridians to suffer from yin, access is not free. Due to the warm function of artemisinin leaves and the warm stimulation of acupoints, which are special places for zang-fu organs and meridians to inject qi and blood into the body surface, the graphene flexible electrothermal film directly penetrates the heat into the meridians and skin with the help of acupoints, thus achieving the warm, loose and cold conditioning effect.


2, Qi tongluo: the meridians are distributed in all parts of the body, internal organs, external body surface muscle, bone and other tissues. Normal body, qi and blood in the meridians circumfluence, step by step, if due to wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, fire and other external cause, the human body or local blood stagnate, with complex, can appear symptoms such as swelling and pain and a series of dysfunction, at this point, the graphene flexible electrothermal film using the corresponding acupuncture points, can rise to reconcile qi and blood, dredge meridian, balance function, qi and t2dm.


3. Tonic yuan qi: as the prime motivity of body life activities, it is derived from the essence of the kidney. Moxibustion therapy has the function of tonic yuan qi. In particular, it is pointed out in the book “difficult classics” that the gate of life is the gateway to life, the root of yuan yuan, and the house of fire and water (including shenyin and shenyang) can achieve the best effect of nourishing yin, warming kidney, and imbibing yang.


4, Fu yang lift depression: yin and yang people, the human body with yang qi easy to decline, often due to chronic illness body deficiency and weiyang is not solid, cou li loose, easy to hurt a few colds, even in the gas depression, visceral sagging. Moxibustion therapy can not only benefit the air temperature yang, rising yang lifting depression, but also regulate the spleen and kidney yang deficiency caused by collapse, splantlet and other diseases, weiyang is not solid, couli loose person, also has the effect. Graphene flexible electrothermal film can restore normal body functions and improve human resistance.


5. Toxin extraction and heat release: graphene flexible electrothermal film has a good effect on sores and pains, including breast redness and swelling. Because the moxibustion method can disperse cold and clear heat, it can play a bidirectional regulating role on the body.