Graphene far infrared cushion (Available upon request)

Graphene far infrared cushion (Available upon request)

Product features:

    Refuse sometimes hot and sometimes cold, give you just right warmth!



Product structure

Product name: graphene far infrared cushion

Specification: 48×46cm; Can be customized

Electric voltage: 220 v

Power rate: 260W/㎡

Material: land rover seat leather, graphene flexible electrothermal film

Surface temperature: ≤65℃

Scope of application: personal, family, office, health club, etc

The position of the single buttocks cushion is heated, and the infrared heating of the TTWARM graphene flexible electric heating film realizes the integrated effect of far-infrared heating and physical therapy.

In terms of temperature control, 0-70 degrees can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve precise control of every degree.

The surface is made of high-grade environmentally friendly leather, which is more wear-resistant and safer than traditional fabrics, and is not afraid of water or oil.

Colors and designs can be customized, and the product can be enlarged in size to achieve product size customization.




Letters patent

①Heating mat patent      

②Health mattress patent

③Heating clothes patent            

④Product mix patent

⑤Heating curtain patent            

⑥Film patent

⑦Sterilization cutting board patent 

⑧Heating wall patent

⑨Heating floor patent                

⑩Grisaille patent

Company not only has 18 national patents, through the national infrared testing center official sample and product can be from 4-14 micron far infrared ray, and through the European authority certification: CE electrical safety certification, RoHS green non-toxic safety certification, SGS official level detection, V2 fire retardant certification, absolutely guarantee the use safety of the user.


The benefits of TTWARM graphene heating film far infrared to the human body:

① Promote and improve blood microcirculation
Through far-infrared heat, it causes the release of vasoactive substances, reduces blood vessel tension, and dilates superficial arterioles, superficial capillaries and superficial veins. The blood microcirculation is accelerated and the blood microcirculation is improved.

② Enhance metabolism
Through the far-infrared thermal effect, it can enhance the vitality of cells, adjust the nerve fluid mechanism, strengthen metabolism, and stabilize the exchange of substances inside and outside the body.

③ Improve human immune function
The far-infrared life light wave can improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s resistance and immunity.

After energized, it can release 6-14μm wide spectrum energy light wave suitable for human body, safe without radiation, warm directly to human body, to achieve the effect of warmth, relaxation and relaxation.

Warm feeling from inside to outside around the body, not easy to deformation, both elastic, toughness, temperature lock triple characteristics.

Refuse sometimes hot and sometimes cold, give you just right warmth!