Far-infrared health mat. Black jade series

Far-infrared health mat. Black jade series

Product features:

    1. Double far infrared
    2.Warm in winter and cool in summer
    3. High-end comfort

 Product parameters

Product name: moyu end far infrared health mat


Specification: 2000×1800mm; 1900 x 1500 mm; Can be customized


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power rate: 220W/㎡


Service life: more than 200,000 hours


Surface temperature: ≤60℃


Scope of application: rigid bed, tatami, kang




1. High-quality materials: leather is light, warm and elegant; Moyu warm in winter and cool in summer, containing a variety of essential micro elements of the human body


2. Air permeability: strong air permeability and exhaust gas removal.


3. far infrared: far infrared heating, and the formation of Human diseases are eaten, and health is sleeping. One of the core products of guanrui Technology: carbon fiber, graphene multi-functional heating pad, which integrates heating, physical therapy, health preservation and extraction Warm in one, we always integrate heating and health, and realize the enterprise tenet of comfortable product leader,Committed to the development of scientific and technological health concept, to create a gospel for mankind!


Far infrared has super penetrating and warm effect. It can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation and discharge the deep layer of the bodyCold and toxins.


The company has not only 18 national patents, but also 4-14 products after official appraisal by national far infrared testing center Micron far infrared, and through the European authority certification: CE electrical safety certification, ROHS green non-toxic safetyull certification, SGS official testing, V2 fire retardant certification, 100% to ensure the safety of users.


The crystallization of practicality and creativity, with a simple and atmospheric appearance, deduces the connotation of the beauty of modern science and technology. Elegant and unique overall design, constantly improve the quality of warm home products. A little bit accumulated for many years, looking back with a smile. If life is just like the first time, it is still full of warmth and charm