Waterproof heating film (All in one, size can be customized)

Waterproof heating film (All in one, size can be customized)

Product features:

    1.Aviation waterproofing.

    2. Use T-head links.

    3. Use directly under cement.

    4.Quick installation.

Product parameters

Product name: Waterproof heating film

Specifications: (WIDTH)85cm / 72cm / 50cm,(length) customizable

Electrical pressure: 220W

Power rate: 280W/m2

service life: more than 200,000 hours

surface temperature:60℃

Scope ofapplication: electric floor heating (tile marble floor carpet…….)


Graphene positive temperature coefficient electric heating plate is composed of inorganic polymer semi conducting heating material and thermistor material. When electrified,

thepolymer particles in the sheet will be excited to release heat, and PTC will change with the increase of temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain degree, its

resistance will gradually increase. Graphene PTC electric heater is one of the most advanced heating solutions. Compared with the traditional solution, it can save more than 20% -

30% of the cost.

product feature

1. moisture resistance: overall waterproof, after soaking 48 hours 1500~3750V high voltage test, stable performance.

2. high voltage resistance: flexible film can withstand up to 3750V above the test voltage, without damage.

3. anti-aging: anti-aging, no deterioration, suitable for the same age as the building.

4. wide tolerance: safe operation in -20℃~80℃ environment.




1. Far infrared has the same wavelength with human body, which can form resonance with human body wave and is easy to be absorbed by human body.

 2. Rays penetrate into subcutaneous tissue, expand capillaries, promote blood circulation and enhance tissue metabolism. It can improve immunity, eliminate fatigue and relieve

pain, so as to play the role of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, physical therapy and health care.


A new economical heating solution

Intelligent operation, less power consumption. It has a strong stability. Once damaged or scratched, there is no need to repair. It doesn’t need traditional pipes and gas boilers. In

the long run, this saves a lot of cost.

Integrated molding, no air layer, no lighting phenomenon, soft and foldable.