The thermostat (use for heating mat/TATAmi system)

The thermostat (use for heating mat/TATAmi system)

Product features:

    Double temperature and double control







The dual-path intelligent temperature controller is small in size and exquisite in appearance setting. It can achieve accurate temperature control through USB temperature probe. The time-control mode is specially designed for the products that cannot use temperature probe, such as tatami rice, and the temperature mode can be switched freely.
Dual-channel control can realize the simultaneous control of two temperatures, namely, double temperature and double control.

 Key selling point

1. Accurate temperature control mode.

2. Time temperature control mode in high temperature.

3. Low temperature time control mode.

Operation: Precision temperature control mode The temperature probe wire to be selected automatically switches to precision temperature control mode.

Main technical indicators

1.The display mode is 2 groups of 2 digital tubes respectively to display the temperature of greenhouse 1 and greenhouse 2.

2.Working environment: ambient temperature is less than 50 degrees, relative humidity is less than 85%.

3.Working voltage:180V-260V.

4.The control power:1600W*2.

5.The power cord:Power line and load line are multi-strand copper core wire certified by NATIONAL standard 3C;The length of the70CM*2.

6.USB probe length:Greenhouse 1 is 3 meters;Greenhouse 2 is 2 meters.

7.Remote control distance:The remote control distance of the infrared remote controller is less than or equal to 2 meters.

Special instructions

Thermostat front power supply should be set leakage switch!

Power to thermostat must be cut off when stop using!

Make sure that the heating bodies in greenhouse 1 and 2 are not partially covered!

Common faults

1.After electricity, 2 roads are not hot, this kind of situation is basically zero line is not connected.One non-thermal detection red line and one yellow line are properly connected.

2.There is a significant difference between the temperature and the set temperature. In this case, check whether there is a covering covering the position of the temperature control probe, resulting in uneven heating.

This temperature controller, from the factory date integral warranty, one year free.

Non-professionals are not allowed to dismantle and repair without permission.

The thermostat damage caused by human causes is not covered by warranty.