Popular Design for Large Heating Pad For Back - Graphene far infrared foot bath bucket – Crown

Popular Design for Large Heating Pad For Back - Graphene far infrared foot bath bucket – Crown

Product features:
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Popular Design for Large Heating Pad For Back - Graphene far infrared foot bath bucket – Crown Detail:

Product Parameters

Product name: graphene far infrared foot bath bucket


Rules:48 * 38 * 68 cm; 48 * 38 * 72 cm;


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power: 300 w


Material: imported Chinese fir and graphene flexible electrothermal film


Temperature in the barrel: ≤65℃


Scope of application: personal, family, office, health club, etc


TTWARM  the characteristics and advantages of graphene far infrared foot bath bucket mainly include:


1.The emission wavelength is 8-14 micron far infrared ray, and the emissivity is up to more than 9 percent to eliminate the channels and channels, so as to improve the human blood circulation system and microcirculation system;


2.Release negative ions, purify the air, purify the blood, balance the human body ph;


3.Release.6 milliamps of micro-current to replenish and balance the bioelectricity of the human body;


4.Blocking the invasion of harmful radiation such as electromagnetic wave and water pulse wave;


5.To cure “this” give priority to, the comprehensive adjustment is complementary, can anticipate a variety of disease effect.


6.Makes the human body in the state, alleviates the nervous mood reduces the pressure.


7.Speeds up the body blood circulation, opens the pore, opens through the body internal environment, educates the body the filth.


8.Enhance human antibody.


9.Strengthen the function of trachea, bronchus and lungs, have good effect to discharge phlegm.


10.Increase basic metabolism, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, and increase exercise endurance.


11.Change skin texture and enhance skin elasticity.


12.Improve acid constitution and sub-health.


13.Have the effect of reducing weight beautiful body.


14.No sweat odor and other peculiar smell, healthy gas cool.

The working principle of

The flexible graphene electrothermal film used in graphene far-infrared bubble foot bucket works by colliding and rubbing carbon atoms together to generate molecular motion under the action of alternating electric fields, thus generating heat energy and a large amount of infrared radiation. The conversion rate of electric energy to heat energy is more than 98%.In electricity within 30 seconds, the surface temperature from ambient temperature rise rapidly, 3-5 minutes to reach a set temperature, and the heat transfer to the covering on the surface of the material, and material on the back of the insulation materials, insulation materials continuously reflect the heat to the surface of the cover, make its surface temperature rising, 2 to 4 minutes,The thermal balance between the heating body and the insulation material is reached, and the thermal radiation is carried out at a constant temperature. Its infrared radiation will not produce high-frequency radiation.Neither ultraviolet, and no visible light, not only harmless to the body, but also improve the human body’s microcirculation, promote metabolism, improve human immunity, beneficial to health.


Ttwarm foot bath bucket equipment design concept, different business concepts, and perfect after-sales team can be customized for you to your home sweat room.

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