Graphite low pressure flexible electrothermal film

Graphite low pressure flexible electrothermal film

Product features:

Product structure 

Graphite low pressure flexible electrothermal film

Specification: customize as needed

Electric voltage: 5-48V

Power rate:≥ 3W/㎡

Material: graphene fiber, heat conduction fiber, silver plated copper wire, imported polymer resin

Surface temperature: ≤80℃

Scope of application: individual, family, company, car…..

Low-pressure custom heating chip:
The product can be customized with any DC voltage of 5v-36v, and the temperature range can be between 0-70 degrees

Any customization
The use of one-piece molding technology can not only ensure the soft foldability of the product, but also ensure the product’s longer service life.

Graphene flexible electric heating film is the only flexible heating film of pure carbon atoms without other substances in all electric heating films. It is characterized by safe use, fast heating, non-drying, energy saving and environmental protection, and electric-heat conversion efficiency of 99%.

Graphene heating fiber directly performs Brownian motion, 360-degree surrounding collision heating, effectively offsetting electromagnetic waves, high-temperature resistant polymer environmentally friendly insulation layer on the surface, safe operating temperature up to 100 degrees 3750V high voltage without breakdown, safe to use.

Soaking in water for 48 hours can still be used normally, the performance is extremely stable.

The material used in characteristics and performance has the characteristics of extraordinary use, anti-aging, almost no attenuation, can be repeatedly kneaded, the middle of the hole does not affect the heat, because of its strong stability, long service life, and minimal attenuation.