Graphene far infrared vest(use the mobile battery/DC product)

Graphene far infrared vest(use the mobile battery/DC product)

Product features:

    1. Heating products during walking

    2. Available for fishing enthusiasts


Healthy heating
Graphene heat helps keep out the cold


Far infrared
Far infrared promotes microcirculation


Soft and comfortable
Natural and warm

Product structure
Product name: graphene far infrared vest

Specification: small, medium, large;

Electric pressure: 5 v

Power: 10 w or less

Material: breathable fabric, graphene low pressure flexible electrothermal film

Surface temperature: ≤65℃

Scope of application: students, drivers, workers, soldiers and other outdoor activities personnel


The electrothermal vest consists of a vest, a graphene flexible electrothermal film, a battery and a charger.


Product features


. The thermal magnetic clothing is heated by rechargeable lithium battery:


. The battery is equipped with a chip which can control the heating temperature:


. Using graphene flexible electrothermal film releasing far infrared ray as heating material: DC low voltage design is safe and reliable. (not beyond the human safety voltage of 36V of a quarter).


. The excellent softness of the heating material is not damaged when folded or bent, and the clothes can be washed:


. The corresponding parts of waist, shoulder, stomach and abdomen of the human body are equipped with thermally magnetic sheets, lined with nanometer far-infrared cloth:


. Not only can it keep warm in winter, but it also has remarkable health and physical therapy effects:


. Easy to use and safe, it is the best gift for relatives, friends and the elderly:


. Can be washed.


Method of use


. Connect the fully charged lithium battery socket with the heating element plug in the thermo-magnetic clothing to confirm whether the connection is good or not:


. Adjust the temperature (high temperature, medium temperature, medium bottom temperature, low temperature) of the heating body of the thermal magnetic clothing by pressing the button ON|OFF of the battery. Put the controller into the battery pocket of the thermal magnetic clothing for use after the appropriate temperature is determined (medium temperature is the best, not suitable for high temperature to avoid overheating).


Usage of lithium battery


1. Press ON|OFF for 2 seconds, and the LED display light will be red. At this time, it will be high temperature first gear


2. Press the button ON|OFF again, and the LED display light will be orange. At this time, it will be in the second range of medium temperature


3. Press the button “ON|OFF” again, and the LED display light will be green. At this time, it will be in the third range of medium and low temperature


4. Press the button “ON|OFF” again, and the LED display light will flash green. At this time, it will be in low temperature fourth gear


5. Continue to press the “ON|OFF” button, and the LED display light will be turned OFF. At this time, the output circuit will also be turned OFF


The relationship between LED light color, time and temperature:

The keys

LED display light color

Service time of hbh-11 battery pack

Heating surface temperature


Red (high temperature first gear)




Orange (medium temperature second gear)




Green (medium/low temperature 3)




Green flash (low temperature 4)




Washing instructions


Please take the heating body out of the clothes body before washing the clothes. The clothes body can be washed (please do not wash the heating body). Do not bleach with your hands when the washing temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius. Shake dry after washing in the shortest time (do not wash often). Make sure the body is completely dry and then put the heating body in the original position. The heating body cannot be folded.


Matters needing attention


1. For the first use, please charge the smart lithium battery. When the battery pack is full, the LED indicator light will show green.


2. Intelligent lithium battery pack and charger (adapter) are used for thermo-magnetic clothing series: they cannot be connected to other battery | motor | capacitor and other loads.


3.LED indicator light shows red flashing: lithium battery low power or battery output short circuit output warning, if the indicator light indicates warning, the load will be disconnected.


3. Smart lithium battery pack storage: please store the lithium battery pack after charging. To ensure the battery performance, place the lithium battery pack in a cool and dry place after charging once a month.


4. It is strictly prohibited to put intelligent lithium battery in humidity, water, fire and high temperature: it is strictly prohibited to hit intelligent lithium battery pack; it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the lithium battery pack without authorization to avoid damaging the lithium battery pack and causing danger.

Product efficacy

In addition to heating up your body, the core of graphene heating material is that it heats up through far infrared, so if you wear it, it can also improve blood circulation and metabolism.