Graphene far infrared blanket (Available upon request)

Graphene far infrared blanket (Available upon request)

Product features:

    Healthy, warm and comfortable.


Healthy heating

Graphene heat helps keep out the cold

Far infrared

Far infrared promotes microcirculation

Moisture and ventilation

Strong ventilation and exhaust gas removal


Soft and comfortable

Natural and warm

Product structure 

Product name: graphene far infrared blanket

Rules: 106 x 73 cm

Electric voltage: 220 v

Power: 30 w or less

Material: cotton cloth, graphene low pressure flexible electrothermal film

Surface temperature: ≤65℃

Scope of application: elderly, women, etc

Introduction of heating blanket:

The heating blanket is a soft skin-friendly material, specially designed for families, so that people with different body temperatures can feel the temperature that suits them. The surface fabric can be customized at will according to customer needs. The temperature between 50-70 degrees can meet the function of sterilization and mite removal. All live parts are insulated, with multiple protection designs, CE certification, ROSH testing, far infrared testing, SGS certification And many other international certifications.

Service life: TTWARM graphene intelligent health electric heating film, due to the leading 360° heating technology and original integrated synthesis technology, the laboratory testing life has reached more than 200,000 hours.

Fabric requirements: All fabrics can be requested in accordance with the high standards of close-fitting sleep to meet the needs of high-quality heating in winter.

Can guarantee your comfort and health from the greatest angle

TTWARM graphene heating film safety performance test

① Waterproof test: the electric heating film works normally after being immersed in water for 48 hours

② Voltage test: The electric heating film can withstand the withstand voltage test up to 3750v or more.

③ Anti-aging: anti-aging, non-deformation, service life and construction life.

④ High toughness: the tensile strength of the electric heating film is 25 kg.

⑤ Stable performance: safe operation under the state of 50° to 60° surface temperature of electric heating film.

⑥ Wide tolerance: The electric heating film can operate safely in the environment of -20° to 80°.