Graphene far infrared backrest pad(sue for the chair or single bed)

Graphene far infrared backrest pad(sue for the chair or single bed)

Product features:

    1.Use the product in multiple scenarios

    2.Office, sofa, chair can be used

    3.Best-selling products

Product structure 

Product name: graphene far infrared backrest pad

Specification: 103×46cm; Can be customized

Electric voltage: 220 v

Power rate: 260W/㎡

Material: land rover seat leather, graphene flexible electrothermal film

Surface temperature: ≤65℃

Scope of application: personal, family, office, health club, etc

The seat back cushion breaks through the original single heating mode, and realizes the joint heating of the buttocks and the waist. Through the infrared heating of the TTWARM graphene flexible electric heating film, the integrated effect of far-infrared heating and physical therapy is realized.



In terms of temperature control, 0-70 degrees can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve precise control of every degree.
The surface is made of high-grade environmentally friendly leather, which is more wear-resistant and safer than traditional fabrics, and is not afraid of water or oil.

Heating element introduction

The core patented technology of graphene flexible electric heating film heating element. The heating element material is integrated with a unique soft polymer. The flexibility of the product can maximize the comfort of the user, and it is washable and resistant to bending. , Is currently the only product of the same kind on the market that has passed the European V2 flame retardant product, and its water resistance is above IPX7. It is plug-and-play and very convenient! Heated parts can relieve soreness and fatigue, and can produce 4-14 microns. Far-infrared rays directly absorbed by the human body. The far-infrared rays combine with neutral particles in the air through ionized electrons to generate negative ions. The product has the same heating principle as hospital infrared physiotherapy, which can improve rheumatic joint pain, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism. And other effects.