Far-infrared health mat. Zen series

Far-infrared health mat. Zen series

Far-infrared health mat. Zen series

Product features:

    1.Convenient to receive

    2.Arbitrary temperature regulation

    3.Easy to clean

Product parameters

Product name: zen far-infrared health mat

Specification: 2000×1800mm; 1900 x 1500 mm; 1700 x 750 mm; Can be customized

Electric voltage: 220 v

Power rate: 220W/㎡

Surface temperature: ≤60℃




1. Leather: light, warm and elegant.

2. Air permeability: strong air permeability and exhaust gas removal.

3, far infrared: far infrared heating, and the formation of anion air ions.

4. Antibacterial and mite removal: it has a class 3A antibacterial effect


NASA unlocks the far infrared’s magical health care function. Research pointed out that the human body is composed of a water molecule, 4-14 micron far infrared ray because of frequency and the skin cell body motion frequency is consistent between the molecules and atoms, the energy can be absorbed by the cells, known as far infrared ray and subcutaneous tissue of water molecules form a resonance effect, group, activation of water molecules, in turn, activate cells, promote the capillaries, make smooth the blood circulation, metabolism.


National Japanese longevity is an upsurge in far infrared health care, with the use of nearly thirty million people, confirmed that the far infrared ray is the only thing in the universe can deep into human cells, and resonance absorption in human body, warm activation, enable organizations needed nutrients and physical eduction toxin, prevent disease, it is, therefore, far infrared textiles become TFT authentication mechanism since most companies declare project.

Pitch is the realm of life, thick ink light makeup side to live always, outside the struggle behind, is the warm meaning of “home · zen” series.

The crystallization of practicality and originality, with the simple appearance of the atmosphere deduces the beauty of modern science and technology.Elegant and unique overall design and continuous improvement of quality to create a warm household products