Far-infrared health care mat. Gold and jade mantang series

Far-infrared health care mat. Gold and jade mantang series

Product features:

    1. Built-in negative ion particles
    2. Yellow for health
    3. Multiple functions


Product parameters

Product name: jinyu mantang end far infrared health care pad


Specification: 2000×1800mm; 1900 x 1500 mm; Can be customized


Electric voltage: 220 v


Power rate: 220W/㎡


Service life: more than 200,000 hours


Surface temperature: ≤60℃


Scope of application: rigid bed, tatami, kang




1. High-quality materials: leather is light, warm and elegant; Moyu warm in winter and cool in summer, containing a variety of essential micro elements of the human body


2. Air permeability: strong air permeability and exhaust gas removal.


3. far infrared: far infrared heating, and the forma Carbon fiber heating is a kind of far infrared heating. Its far infrared is a kind of “life light wave”, which can be directly absorbed by human body. The heating principle of carbon fiber is essentially different from that of metal conductor and carbon crystal.


Far infrared radiation heating body has no metal heating, does not damage the oxygen in the space, heating evenly and comfortably, does not heat, and has no harmful electromagnetic radiation. Far infrared can also deodorize, sterilize and so on.


The crystallization of practicality and creativity, with a simple and atmospheric appearance, deduces the connotation of the beauty of modern science and technology. Elegant and unique overall design, constantly improve the quality of warm home products. A little bit accumulated for many years, looking back with a smile. If life is just like the first time, it is still full of warmth and charm.